Teeth Whitening

A professional teeth whitening treatment is a safe and effective process to brighten your smile. The effects of time and lifestyle choices can all impact the colour and vibrancy of your smile.

These are most commonly attributed to the staining agents in food, beverages, and tobacco. If you often consume dark beverages such as coffee, red wine or coke, your tooth enamel has likely been affected by discolouration. Smoking is also a leading factor that causes discolouration and dental stains.


The treatment is easy and non-invasive, clinically proven safe and effective. The procedure can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to complete.

At-home whitening consist of a custom-made tray and effective whitening gel. In the comfort of your home, you simply place a small amount of whitening gel into a custom-made dental whitening and wear for short amounts of time over a number of days until desired results are achieved.

During the time you wear the whitening tray; the gel ingredients activates and bleaches your teeth leaving a lighter and whiter appearance.

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