Facial Sculpting and Harmonization Masterclass

The facial Sculpting and Harmonization masterclass is da hands-on course designed for those wanting to progress from their foundation and advanced training on medical aesthetics to full facial transformation.

Delegates should have completed Foundation and Advanced Neuromodulators (Botulinum Toxin) and Dermal Fillers Course.

The perception and ideals of beauty have multifactorial foundations including genetic and environmental factors. The motivations and desire of patients seeking cosmetic procedures seem to be the same globally, including reducing the appearance of ageing, body contouring and definition, improving and enhancing symmetry and changing tissue volume. This course will take you through the process of non-surgical facial sculpting and harmonization using advanced techniques and a combination of cosmetic treatments.

All the courses provided by Dr Julia Coelho is focused on safety, anatomy review, advanced consultation, technique and how to achieve natural results. We also cover complications recognition and management in every session.

Classes are kept small to allow close support to delegates throughout the day and ample opportunity for practice, questions or discussion.

Delegates will receive course manuals, compilation of evidence-based literature, sample of consent and treatment forms, a CPD verified certificate, registration with products and equipment providers, registration with insurance company and treatment pack of 3-5 treatment (with additional cost).


Learning Outcomes:

  • Advanced Patient assessment and treatment Plan – surgical or non-surgical
    • Full facial assessment and proportions
  • Understanding and Treating different types of faces
  • Techniques to different facial concepts: feminisation, masculinisation, harmonization and rejuvenation
  • Treatment combinations
  • Key anatomical considerations for advanced treatments
  • Ageing Process and Physiological changes
  • Management of patient/ client’s goal and expectations
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Complication recognition and management

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