Cheek Enhancement

As we age each, not only does our facial skin lose its elasticity and starts to sag but the deeper soft tissues and bone also shrink and contribute to the signs of ageing.  In the mid-face, there is loss of the cheekbone prominence and flattening of the facial features. This is especially common across the mid-face where shrinkage and downward migration of the youthful fat pad on the front of the cheeks causes at first flattening and then eventually can progresses to create a hollow appearance across this area.

By adding volume to the cheeks using a long-lasting Dermal Filler, the flattening or hollow appearance across the mid-face can be corrected and the youthful shape re-established.

Cheek enhancement can be a very critical area when restoring the aesthetic balance of a beautiful face. Dr Julia’s individualised technique is very predictable and safe. She uses dermal fillers that contain the identical ingredient that occurs naturally in human skin and delivers the product through a cannula for comfort, safety and minimum risk of bruising. Dr Julia’s bespoke cheek enhancement procedure delivers a long-lasting aesthetic rejuvenation.

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